How We Market

No matter how well we perform our tenant screening, property management, and rent collection duties, they never come into play until and unless we produce a tenant for our homeowner properties. Reign Realty Group marketing plans have been tested over time and proved to be very effective in funneling tenants into our screening process. When we meet to discuss your home and the features that differentiate it in the marketplace, we’ll develop a custom marketing plan for your home comprised of the appropriate media in our extensive marketing media package.

Reign Realty Group Website

The Reign Realty Group website is one place in which your property will be presented in great detail. While we’ll talk here about other media where we’ll market your home, they’ll all relate back to this website, and many viewers of those other advertisements will arrive at our website for detail.

  • Numerous high quality exterior and interior photos.
  • Professionally crafted text descriptions that we know from experience will attract tenant interest.
  • Easy online and offline contact information to get the prospect to contact us.
  • An online map with directions, as many prospective tenants like to drive by properties and view neighborhoods prior to getting more information or renting.

While you’ll see that we’re doing a lot more marketing in other media, there is no other place where this much detail can be presented in high resolution to attract tenant interest.

Internet Syndication

One of the greatest strengths of the Internet for marketing is the ability to “syndicate” material across numerous sites. We’ve created syndication relationships with numerous online locations where renters go to locate their next home. When we meet to develop your marketing plan, we’ll show you where we’ll be syndicating your home’s information.

Social Media

If you aren’t a Facebook user, you certainly know others who are. More than 800 million people are Facebook users. The Reign Realty Group Facebook page is another place where we market your home to prospective tenants. However, it’s more than just putting it out there to see. Our Facebook page is also where our tenant clients go to have conversations, and even to refer us to other renters. We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to create awareness of our  rental property management business and to provide exposure for your property.

Print Media

While the Web has become a major marketing resource for  rental properties, Reign Realty Group will also market your home in print media that we still find to be effective in attracting tenants. When we meet to discuss a marketing plan for your home, we’ll discuss newspaper and other print media marketing.